We are artists, alchemists, world travellers, tea lovers and above all, a brother and sister. From farm to cup, our quality teas are a result of the work of many hands. At Numi, we value the people involved in every step of our business through direct and fair trade sourcing, thorough supply chain audits, and by embracing a company culture that values collaboration and diversity. Our dedicated tea’m shares our mission to bring you the best tasting organic tea, sourced directly from fair labour gardens because we believe all people should be paid an equitable wage that allows their families to thrive.


Numi is a leading brand purchaser of Fair Trade Certified teas, with more than half of our blends (and 80% of the raw ingredients we purchase) bearing the Fair Trade Certified label. Fair Trade guarantees farm workers are paid a minimum fair wage for their labour and empowers them to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their farms and communities. At these gardens, the worker community votes democratically on how Fair Trade premiums are used to invest in education, health, protecting the environment, and developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Some programs include: new roads, cooking stoves, mosquito nets, new schools, college scholarships, enhanced maternity benefits, onsite medical staff and life insurance.


We at Numi believe in creating and supporting programs that benefit farmers and workers for all of our overseas partners and it is our aim to incorporate third-party certification into the entire line of Numi Organic Tea products. However, even with products that are not officially certified, we build direct relationships with our farming partners to ensure quality and consistency of products, the fair treatment of workers, better working and living conditions, and an overall improved quality of life for families and communities. Since our initial product launch in 1999, we have made it a priority to source exclusively from suppliers who ethically support their workers.