Numi's white teas are hand-picked early in the spring and carefully blended with organic ingredients to compliment the delicate flavors of an exclusive tea. Once reserved for the royal palates of Chinese emperors, white tea is the least processed, rarest and most treasured of the tea classes.

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    Orange Spice

    Numi’s delicate blend of organic, smooth white tea, real orange peel, schizandra berries and lemongrass balances complex citrus notes with luxurious spice. All make for the most divine cup. This sublime tea ingeniously blends premium Organic White Pai Mu Tan tea with orange, citrus, and spice. Pai Mu Tan is exclusively the top two leaves and a bud of the tea plant and can only be picked the day before the buds unfurl. White tea is the least oxidized and processed of all teas, making it supremely healthy. In the hilly tropical rainforests of the Niligris District in Southern India, where this tea is grown, workers voted to use Fair Trade funds towards scholarships, health programs and life insurance. Directions: Bring fresh water to a boil. Allow to cool slightly and pour over a bag of Orange Spice. Steep 5-7 minutes to capture the full taste.



    Fair Trade Certified organic white tea, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic cloves, organic hibiscus, organic allspice, organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic schizandra berry, organic dried lime